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TDU was established to advertise the breeding of trans – disciplinary ability. Today the comfortable of university and school education in India as in most community is largely based on contemporary intellectual traditions and western cultural. While ability from any intellectual and cultural source is likely informative within the circumspection of its nation view and approach of enquiry , it is absolutely blazing to gain that any appropriate creative tradition, however enlightening afford the only or the best way of perceptive nature. Every civilization has generated ability of environment from its own nation view and engaged methods of knowing that use the mental faculties and human sensory in exclusive ways. A test of ability systems created by different cultures is their knowledge to gain ability holders to observe, classify, relate and analyse accordingly with multiple appearance of the constantly developing universe in a manner that helps them to explain and contract with change and thus live in aggressive composure with all inanimate and animate forms of presence. The popularity of a assertive mono cultural direction particularly in a university/ability institution, is indeed a misrepresent location because it involve that only one way of knowing is exhaustive In India the skew is conspicuous in the best of ability institutions, across various development, due to the approximately recent political history of colonialism and its chain reaction. The encouragement for advertise trans- disciplinary education in TDU is to announce candidates to the value of cross cultural and multi -cultural ability without subversion the value of ability derived from any appropriate intellectual and cultural tradition. The term trans- punitive implies ability of the same territory from various cultural perspectives and nation views. Ayurveda – biology is an illustration of a new trans- punitive domain being seek in TDU. It aim to associate understanding of organic processes in the background of human health, from very various aspect of pharmacology and physiology. Trans-punitive subjects can be acclaimed from multi-disciplinary or inter-disciplinary domains because in the latter the subjects connected belong to the same intellectual and cultural tradition. Bio-Physics and town plan are illustration of multi and inter-disciplinary subjects. The Trans-punitive university does not boycott inter or multi-punitive pursuits, it has simply animated and added possibilities of ensuing cross artistic domains. It must be accepted that Trans- punitive subjects (or for that matter multi and inter , punitive domains) are evolving and nascent because they are very recent enterprise in advancing the horizon of ability generation .The activity while pursuing a more comprehensive understanding is complex because at the alliance of development, although they may contract with the same or complementary domain, they access it from various aspects, nation views, logic, and various methods of inquisition. Thus administering the constructing and differences meaningful outcomes, without deceive the honesty of participating development is a objection.