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Why Rajasthan ILD Skills University - RISU?

RISU has been integrated as Rajasthan Authority State University vide move No. 6 of 2017. Dr. Lalit K. Panwar, departed IAS and Ex-assistant, Govt. of India has been selected as 1st Vice authority of RISU. 58 skill related schools have been connected so far and more than 1000 candidates are ensuing accomplishment based studies in these schools. The connected institutions have inaugurate 1st session from 7th of 2018. RISU is an active school interference to appliance Communal Skills accomplishment infrastructure in the State. Being a Authority University, RISU is the connected body for small number of schools operating in skill and business coaching. 


Promoting Greatness in Skill Education in an unified and comprehensive manner.


To appear as one amidst the foremost schools of quality in Skill Education accepted at Communal and Global arena.


  • To admit, in such appearance and in conformity with such parameters, schools of accomplishment education and coaching and connected such institutions.
  • To create credit infrastructure in accordance with the Communal business Standards.
  • To align adequacy, course programs to Communal Skills accomplishment Infrastructure.
  • To settle and maintain centers, divisions, departments, schools, colleges, schools, relating to accomplishment education and coaching. 
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