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Why Capital University - CU?

Capital University,Koderm , Jharkhand is placed by the Government of Jharkhand as per category 2(f) of Under Grant Commission Act 1956 in 2018. Capital University Jharkhand is a non-profit universal university. Capital University Jharkhand was placed as a philanthropic drive of its CCSE association.  CUJ is one of the minor universities in Asia that continue a 1:30 faculty-candidate appoints and ratio faculty leaders from India and different parts of the nation with distinguished academic experience  and qualifications. CUJ is a examination complete university, which is deeply concerned to its core institutional values of diversity and rigorous scholarship; interdisciplinarity and inventive pedagogy; and globalism and international commitment.


Capital University devoted in delivering highest experimental and ethical standards research that makes a difference to association. 


Capital University animosity to obtain internationally accepted among the Universities in conceive advances in technology and science. Impart efficient and effective research focusing on the need of the association. Facilitate and enhance collusion and Partnering between schools, industries and research firms at national and international level. .


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