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Why Amity University - AU?

At Amity we are wistful about educate members who are not only thorough experts but also good human beings with sanskars and values. The Amity University has been placed by an act of State chamber and accepted by University Grants Commission through the Act of State Chamber. Amity has some of the most accomplished and committed thought members in the nation who come from the best schools all over the world. At Amity we criterion only against the best schools around the nation. Our faculty and senior team travel all over the world to learn and assimilate the best method so that we can give a solid authority for learning. As part of this effort, we have air-modified field style classrooms that afford the most helpful atmosphere for focused and dynamic analysis, while the libraries at our university are dressed with over 1,00,000 periodicals, books, national and international accounts, CD-ROMS, covering all condition of academic research and studies material. The hi-tech laboratories act as excellent training grounds for fledgling experts that allow candidates to endeavor and bring to method what they have learnt in argument.


Setting New Criterion

Right from the initiation of Amity University, Quality Enhancement & Assurance has been a core field. A team of experienced experts assure that the best systems are completed in all administration and all fields of the University. This distribution also auditor the continuous and implementation advancement of both academic and non-academic procedures and processes.

Benefits of Quality Certifications

  • All institutions of Amity University have been carry on a common podium
  • Better synergy, positive feedback and better publishing placed across institutions of AUUP
  • Strong check network of more than 100 accountant
  • All systems processes and analysed have been carry out and audited through a three moment check system involving external and internal audit companies
  • Effective handling and monitoring of candidate related impasse through an automated accusation management system
  • Improvement in presence, leading to contraction in debarred cases
  • Syllabus delivered as per prepared time table
  • Time between result and exam affirmation reduced
  • Formation of strong quality support grid in the form of internal Quality Assurance Cell in each school


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