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Why International Institute of Information Technology Odisha - IIITO?

International Institute of Information Technology, Bhubaneswar was settled by the Authority of Odisha in 2006. It is structured to be a beginning school of Information Technology and analogous fields. The School has been transformed into a original university by the Authority of Odisha on 20-01-2014.


Our eyesight is to be an exclusive school communicate education, coaching, analysis and consultative in technology and analogous areas to create human assets who will lead the recession and the association in the coming decades. 


The aim of IIIT is to be a ability seeking School of higher learning that will develop candidates in technology and other development of scholarship. The School will work firmly with the Firm and other users of the automation to create and bear technological explanation to appreciate their competitive position.


The Institute breed values of Honesty and clarity, Respect for the original, guarantee to quality & high code, Passion for achievement and awareness to social & honest issues.

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