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Why Geeta University - GU?

About Geeta University

Geeta University comes from the Lineage of Geeta Group of Institutions, A giant educational hub with a presence since 1985.

Geeta Group of Institutions has laid the runway for thousands of dreams taking off to the destination of careers with a journey marked with expertise, experience, and excellence.

Today Geeta University is the culmination of aspirations,lotterysambad ambitions, and an honest attempt at creating a world-class professional curriculum spread over an invigorating campus environment.

Geeta University is poised to take to great heights because its wings are made of the vision of higher global knowledge and it is rooted in the philosophy of Karma.

One notable factor about Geeta University is the thrust on ethics and preparation to offer to the country a complete corporate citizen; citizens who are national assets, citizens who are productive resources, citizens who lead the charge of innovation, and citizens who are the living lessons of empowering education, empowering minds.