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Why Sanchi University of Buddhist-Indic Studies - SUBS?

Sanchi University for Buddhist-Indic Studies shall be placed very adjacent to Sanchi - the world ancestry site, acclaimed for the setup & antique archaic of Lord Buddha. The University has been apportion 100 acres of land, in fact a acclivity on the Bhopal-Sanchi freeway not far from the equatorial of cancer. The beautiful location is confined by green areas & jungle laden hills.


This University is determine to address the international issues & shall broadly cover academicians, philosophers, researchers, educationalists, doctors from all over the nation, but shall chiefly aim on Asian countries - the land of provenance & increase of Buddhist-Indic culture. 


Sanchi University shall efforts to incorporate the antique systems with the present needs; evoke the knowledge baby to current day issues.

Objectives of University

  • Afford education and coaching in admissible arts, technique and skills of Asia.
  • To gain the above, develop a assistance amongst the academic and academics of Asia and the nation. 
  • Communicate education in Buddhist cultivation, advertise philosophy, attitude and practice.


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