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Why Awadesh Pratap Singh University - APSU?

The APS University is a coaching-cum-partner University with its administration over 150 colleges placed in the community of Satna, Sidhi, Rewa, Shahdol, Singrauli and Umariya. The University has been titled after boss Awadhesh Pratap Singh, a acclaimed son of the clay and a power fighter. The University was settled on the 20-07-1968 and got University Grant Commission acceptance in 2nd of 1972. It has leadership of the Community of Indian Universities and All federation Community of Universities. The University is placed on a 246.20 acres design of land in the northward of Rewa community, at a gap of about 5 kms, with its dorm misleading on each of two side of Rewa-Sirmour Road. 

Our Mission

To afford quality education, create human assets, advance literacy, experimental temper, relatedness and advance socio-economic condition of all people as a whole and help destitute branches of our associations in particular.

Our Vision

To develop an ideal association and an cerebral climate that initiates, cherish and bolster values of co-continuation and to accomplish and gain greatness. 


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