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Why Starex University - SU?

The Starex University, Gurugram, has been gestate under the board of Haryana Private Universities (Amendment) Act 2006. The high-tech happiness city - Gurugram is a anniversary in the nation of growth and progress. The Starex University is set up on the Peri - Urban countryside of Gurugram. Having a nice atmosphere of greenery, bright lawns and a charming well preserved campus, it is spread over in 40 acres on a vast dense green area on Delhi - Jaipur Highway, NH-48. The carefully advanced impressive framework, gained with all modern playing grounds, amenities, sporting aptitude and world-class climate of the University anticipate the passion and fervor of its faculty and staff towards the contrast in every circle of education that it develop to achieve. The Starex University conflict to be an essence of excellence and luminosity. It would communicate the best of education to its candidates and arrange them to contract with the protest of the professional world with high spirits, zeal, optimism and elation. Through world-class aptitude and the most dedicated, talented, expert and motivating faculty, the campus team is devoted to the advancement of its candidates, to continuously drive and inspire the candidates to newer heights in scholarship and learning.


The Mahatma Budh Central library is altar sanctorum of SU. The design of the Library building has been structured by a reputed German builder. It is the couch of knowledge for the research scholars, candidates, all the staff members and other learned faculty. The library is gained with new facilities to additive the demand of researchers and academics. The Central Library brutalize all its enterprise through KOHA program to distribute a huge range of academic assets such as journals, books,  DVD’s. Also it is fully air-conditioned and is increase over 13,988 equal meters of field with a sitting quantity of more than two hundred ten programers. It has a acceptable number of dictionaries, books, encyclopedias on many subjects. It also sign-up to a good number of national and international magazines and journals (printed and online) covering all schools of the campus. The library has isolated reading areas for candidates, faculty and researchers members. 

Transport Facility

The Starex University has organize attractive transport facility to save candidates beloved time and hassle-free compensation. Starex University has a speedy of a big number of buses which distribute relatedness with all the urban & rural fields of the Gurugram and Delhi/NCR, candidates have the accessbility of boarding the campus buses from the nominate pick-up points, this propensity is meticulously being controled by the University Staff members.


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