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Why Shree Guru Gobind Singh Tricentenary University - SGGSTU?

It afford us endless enjoyment to recommend to you Shree Guru Gobind Singh Tricentenary University, Gurugram, which increase over 70 acres of rich green campus enclose with serene environment and beauty. The University is placed at Chandu-Bhudera on the periphery of Gurgaon, is less than 5 km. from Delhi border at Daurala and has easy and acceptable connection from I.G International Airport. This is came into presence by the HPU (Amendment) Act No. 8 of 2013 making educational excuses available to all divisions of the association under the parasol of DEC Trust, which was established in 1999 with the pure cause of multiply the message of Shree Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the great theorist and social firebrand which says “advancement of learning is the best business to mankind”. In fact, the nuts for its brilliant growth were grow way back in 2002 with the formation of the SGT Dental College. The most beneficial expense any educational school can make is “Nurturing Future Members”. With the regular boost in intention of needed leadership standards, SGT University torchbearers have taken obligation for this expense to breeding the NextGen member with a Eyesight to construct the actual skill gap. With a stiff step leading to complete academic greatness, many Centers of greatness, laboratories, arrangement cell firm-academia company have been set up at the SGT University in company with global members.


  • To communicate higher study of international standard that meets the dynamic needs of the association.
  • To gain the national and international character for our inventive academic satisfied.
  • To afford excuses for higher learning that will also start to better job advantage.
  • To make intellectual as well as efficient education original and research align.
  • To boost the education rate of rustic Haryana with a special aim on female culture.
  • To develop a cooperative and competitive climate wherein the candidates can learn to shine in their venture while respecting diversification.
  • To create Centers of Greatness culminating in recieving the cutting-edge technology in all areas.
  • To care candidates who shall be the member of future firms.


  • To convey aspect education for the minority to become ideal villager of India.
  • To have facilities for the discovery in all the tested sciences.
  • To focus for an education adapt for better job freedom.
  • Women acceptance through study.
  • To impart the basic awareness about hygiene and health.
  • To promote lifelong learning approach.


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