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Why Kerala University - KU?

One of the first 16 academies in India, the University of Kerala was established as the University of Travancore in the once grand state of Travancore (now austral chunk of Kerala and some neighbor chunk of case of Tamilnadu) in 1937. Amid the 7 decades after all the University of Kerala grew and decrease physically and convert itself in various ways. It is ambitious to analysis what the Kerala University is in a abrupt space. The Architect Chancellor forward with Pro-Architect, VC, PVC and Registrar. The archetypal ancestor of the University may be drawn back to two schools of modern culture in Kerala, the University association, Thiruvananthapuram and the Trivandrum sentinel. The University College was basically settled as the Maharaja's complimentary institute by Maharaja Swathi Thirunal in 1834, with Mr John Roberts. When the University of Travancore was established, the administration of the association became the University association, only to alteration back again when the conversion to University of Kerala appear in 1957. The University College closed retains its contact with the University as an connected college.


  • To have corporate freedom and academic ability.
  • To have able but candid public administration.
  • To be campus entrenched but globally oriented.
  • To be ability based and candidate centred.
  • To be analysis driven and culture focused.


  • To appear as a centre of academic greatness through comprehensive education and evolution of correct skills.
  • To generate young entrepreneurs who can afford job conveniences rather than be job seekers.
  • To generate globally known members, scholars/scientists and sports body.


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