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Why IILM University - IU?

Tradition of constructing Visionary Leaders and Specific Entrepreneurs since 1993. Also its journey towards an unified and important learning in authority started in 1993, under the sponsorship of the Ram Krishan & Sons Charitable Faith. Current, after 25 years of its initiation, IILM has been delivering exceptional character education incessantly and consistently. It is this different legacy spanning decades of greatness in higher education that bent us apart from various educational schools. The IILM ideology is aimed on nurturing and identifying the next formation of thought directors through experimental learning and perceptive education. IILM’s unified and factual PGDM curriculum puts together the new in terms of carefully adjust inputs sourced from best of leading US B-Institutions at its centrally placed, secure and safe universities placed in New Delhi, Greater Noida and Gurgaon. It is but a proof of IILM’s guarantee to afford transformational study and the condition that the school encourage year after year, that EdUniversal ranked IILM as 11th in the middle of best Indian business institutions in 2015. Also, its many schools have been always ranked amongst the best B- Institutions in the nation. IILM’s mix of cultural backgrounds, nationalities, professional and academic experiences make it one of the most enriching and exciting business institutions in the nation. Its long efforts and acceptance to ready global controller who have cross artistic training has become a criterion for management schools across the world.

Our Mission:

  • We will afford with boad access, and in an responsible and inclusive manne
  • An academically accurate, research and practice supported, authority education based on ethical and principled values, which bloat the value add from passage to exit.
  • An emotional learning climate which fostersthe understanding of rowdy, technological changes; challenges todays assumptions.
  • An dominant work related and practice based learning experience which aimed on the application of skills and knowledge and is globally relevant.


  • A people’s action that grant flexibility, promotes respect, values integrity andteamwork, understands individual needs, and is committed to directors development.
  • A ability of continuous development and total trait that boost innovation and creativity through trust and collaboration.
  • A deep guarantee to the value of comprehensive social sustainability and responsibility putting bigger interests above our mine.
  • An gratitude of the cultural culture and socio-economic diversification of India.


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