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Why Kolhan University - KU?

The Kolhan University was settled on 13-08-2009 with 14 elemental Colleges and 12 connected Colleges in geographic agency of West Singhbhum, East Singhbhum, and Seraikela Kharswan association with more than 80,000 candidates strength. The University is in the Field of genetic region.

University Motto

Education in absolute sense is a adventure for truth. This is an ceaseless journey towards ability and civilization. This adventure opens up new boulevard for evolution of the humanity and ceiling the role of beam affection like hatred, envy, animosity and cramped mindedness. It also impart and spread the sense of delight and self appreciation if every original fully understand the basic continuity of education and obtain it as way of life then it is assured the nation would become a exceptional place of cave. It would not be out of apartment to acknowledgment that it works as a association crystal of happy affluent and able nation. 


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