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Why J.C. Bose University of Science and Technology YMCA - YUST?

J.C. Bose University of Science and Technology, YMCA, Faridabad was settled in the year 1969, as a joint deal of the National assembly of YMCAs of India, Govt of Haryana, and the essential Agencies for Evolution Bonn, Aid, Germany. It initiated as an Indo-German activity with an focus to communicate industrial education to a advance India on German pattern. The labs & laboratory have been structure with the backing of German competence. In 1996, State Govt. of Haryana took entire control of the School and boost it to University condition in 12th of 2009.


YMCA University of Science and Technology crave to be a comunally and globally renowned leader in industrial and higher education in all circles which convert the life of candidates by assimilation of research ,teaching and character building.


  • To commit to the evolution of science and technology by incorporate research, teaching and gifted activities.
  • To afford an advantageous research climate and advanced technological disclosure to its scholars.
  • To create human hidden to its adequate extent and make them appear as world class members in their experienced and affect them towards their social authorities.