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Why Children's University?

The vision of the children’s university

  • The children of present have to be adapted to become architect of the future, - the eventual which would be considerable by reinstatement of competitive individuality by the amalgam of original liberty, collective equality and spiritual and universal fraternity.
  • The eventual will be detach from damage apprehension and from encouraging arrestation of quest of ability, and breakthrough will be increased by ardent ambition to comprehend higher divine truths and their demonstration in physical life.

The mission of the children’s university 

Aim of this university will be to commence vast fields of research respecting the child and the future, so as to dress the conclusion of analysis into the making of an adequate three fold course in the state of Gujarat and abroad. 

  • Every child matters.
  • Integral evolution of the child that agreement scientific reality and artistic cleverness under the inspiriting power of the fusion of science and spirituality.
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