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Why Netaji Subhas University of Technology - NSUT?

Netaji Subhas University of Technology is a bench of higher industrial education in India. Prof. Jai Prakash Saini is the architect Vice-expert of Netaji Subhas University of Technology, New Delhi. As authorized by the Chamber Assembly of the Communal Capital colony of Delhi on the 10-08-2017 An move to to afford for the restructuring and calibration of the Netaji Subhas School of Technology as a non-partner Netaji Subhas University of Technology, and to afford for research and education in branches of engineering, technology, sciences, humanities, social sciences and administration and for the advance of learning and circulation of ability in such branches and for convinced other matters associated therewith or accidental thereto. 


To be a world class university through greatness in industrial education, research and machinery deportation. 


  • To gain the status of “School of Eminence”
  • To advertise Bachelor and Master level Education, Research and Training in Engineering, Applied Sciences, Management Science, Continuing Education, Humanities.
  • To be an University of caring courses of Education with firms and R&D association for contribution tailor-made programs. 
  • To become a Analysis University with a aim on "Technology Transfer".


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