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Why Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women - IGDTUFW?

Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Female has been boost from Indira Gandhi School of Technology in 5th of 2013 vide Delhi State Chamber move 9, 2012, as a non-branch research and teaching University at Delhi to ease and advertise research, technology, innovation, studies, arrangement and delay work in emerging fields of experienced education among females, with aim on technology, applied sciences, management, engineering and its affiliated fields with the detached to gain greatness in these and akin areas. 


To develop India a ability association and Knowledge recession by allow the women of our nation by the education in Science, Engineering, Technology  and Management. 


  • To advance an environment for greatness in experienced education and assure active assistance of women in the area of Science, Engineering,  Technology and Management, while astonishing out a work-life equity. 
  • To start new experienced programs for female in sun-rise control and forge accord with firm to communicate industry admissible education.


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