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Why Plastindia International University - PIU?

It is the first university in India to afford a range of these courses at Graduate and Post Graduate levels. In extension, continuing study courses and development and research activities are also proposed. Our goal is to ammunition the firm and the economy at big, through providing expert professionals in Plastics. It is established with the equtable of providing high quality study in the sphere of Plastics, Chemical and Mechanical Engineering and 2 year Integrated Management Course. Also it is an internationally accepted firm, apply to promoting excellence in the area of Plastics with an goal to make India, a preferred global sourcing paltry. It encourages & supports evolution of outstanding schools, committed to research & study with emphasis on gaining the biggest standards of quality in Plastics products & developing active art for their recycling. Also it makes an awareness about the compelling contribution build by Plastics to the environment & the society. It has take an action to launch PIU recognizing the need for people capital in imminent.


Vision of Plastindia International University is to afford world- class study and generate well trained, well groomed, culturally sensitive human ability to Plastics and allied firms by integrating management and technology programs. The attention is to afford an integrated campus, alloted to education of Plastics Technology 

with educational framework and state–of-the-art technology.


  • Advertise process structure, innovation and testing in Plastics Technology.
  • To charge continuing study courses that ensure, industry is amend on production practices and latest technology.
  • To ally with International Universities and approve that our academics and framework meet international standards.
  • To ally excellence beyond the full spectrum of analysis action in PIU.
  • To accomplish an on-going communication that attempts to abduction all the application includes in assuring that stakeholder interests are reflected and addressed in policy actions.

Student Life At Campus

It afford a platform to candidates from diversified culture, to work and connect together and social goals and accomplish academic. The University boost candidates to form groups and build a meaningful addition towards association. It may also construct several picnic, cultural events, social and educational awareness programs for the interest of not just candidates but association at large. Also it has a dense green campus with many amenities for staff and candidates. The university has a shopping center, big canteen, welfare center, a student hall and health center. It may also provides outdoor and indoor sports rooms and a park for the candidates and staff.

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