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Why Lakulish Yoga University - LYU?

Lakulish yoga university promotes, educates and propagates the practice and knowledge of the leading to self-betterment, antique science of yoga, self-realization and self-awakening to the boundless process of unification with the cosmos. Lakulish Yoga University was established in April 2013 under the Gujarat Private Universities Act 2009. 

What is Yoga?

It means union. It is connected with English word, yoke. Yoga means union with little, or, union with God, ego-self with the angelic Self. All people in India, disturb yoga with Hatha Yoga, the system of bodily aspects. But it is a primarily a divine discipline. 

Campus Facilities & Amenities

Main Campus:

Structure of this construction is in the shape of a lotus. Also it has 24 fully equipped rooms along with a pantry serve and big dining room as a hostel and these are all placed in the basement of the university. It also has an auditorium. There is a big library with a rare book collection. Also these books are based on myriad topics like spirituality, ancient yoga, mental and physical health and many ancient Hindu scriptures. Also there are big practical rooms, academic classes, staff and offices room at the upper level. The creation of this building is very unique. Its construction is in the shape of lotus. This university is fully facilitated with natural air and light. Also it has a large ground is perfect for Yoga & meditation.

Objectives of Yoga University:

The goal of yoga can be interpreted in psychological, physical, as well as divine ways because it contract with body, spirit and mind. Also the physical interpretation is attached with the preliminary objective of yoga. Its starting from the lowest level, male, or female has to continue gradually, mastering the intermediate and preliminary levels and finally reaching the highest level. The prior objective of yoga is to develop physical abilities and body health. It is by stability and physical soundness that mental prowess can be gain. 

Working Scope:

  • As a personal Yoga Teacher of well-known celebrities and businessmen.
  • As a Yoga InstructorTherapist in Government and Corporate sector.
  • As a Yoga Instructor Therapist in overseas.
  • He/She can open own Yoga and Naturotherapy Center.
  • As a Yoga Instructor in gyms.
  • As a Yoga Instructor in Spa, Naturopathy centers and Ayurvedic centers.
  • As a Yoga Instructor in resorts and hotels.
  • As a Yoga Teacher in Schools, Gurukulas and Colleges.
  • As a Yoga Therapist in Hospitals.
  • As a Yoga Lecturer and Co-ordinator in Universities.
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