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  • Name: M.PHIL (HISTORY)
  • Duration: 2 Years
  • Eligibility: Post Graduation
  • Mode: Year
  • Type: Degree

M.Phil (History) is a  Postgraduate Academic Research Degree course. Candidates learn lessons which typically involves an introduction view point of the people movements and the important events of those periods around this world. After passing this program candidates have various job opportunities in many fields. The main purpose of this program will be like creating avid and critical readers, that does nothing with the broaden perspectives and it also helps to mold graduates as an informed citizens. It also provide study about our culture and traditions followed in the medieval ages. In the Ph.D course candidates introduce to broad view of social, cultural, religious, political and economic developments from the prehistoric times. It provide study to candidates about how the physical, political, social, and mental worlds that we in habit came to be and candidates also learn how we might integrate the historical disciplines that usually which is not connected with the society.  


  • To seek after M.Phil., one needs to have a Master's degree in History. Up-and-comers need to gain 55% stamps in the subject picked for M.Phil. course or an associated subject at the postgraduate level to be viewed as qualified for the course. The rate Norm may fluctuate from Institute to Institute. 
  • A composed test possibly directed to evaluate the competitor's learning. The individuals who qualify in the composed test will be required to show up in a meeting. Certain establishment's waiver passageway test if the applicant has qualified in NET, SET or proportionate national level assessment.