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  • Duration: 2 Years
  • Eligibility: Post Graduation
  • Mode: Year
  • Type: Degree

M.Phil in Bioinformatics deals with the study of system of storing, retrieving and analyzing biological data such as Structure,  and Protein Sequence, Pathways and Function, Nucleic AcidGenetic Interactions. Successful master level may work in job roles such as Professor, Domain Expert, Bioinformatics Analyst, Technology Manager,  and Applications Scientist. Bioinformatics is a recreation ground of science that merge computer science,  engineering and mathematics, statistics to understand biological information. They also interrelate with separate departments such as Marketing, Operations, and Business Development and others. To increase understanding of biological processes is the primary goal of Bioinformatics. It plays an main role in biomedical research. For pursuing career in this course students must have excellent problem solving skills, software and technology and they also possess good communication skills.


  • To seek after M.Phil., one needs to have a Master's degree in related subject. Up-and-comers need to gain 55% stamps in the subject picked for M.Phil. course or an associated subject at the postgraduate level to be viewed as qualified for the course. The rate Norm may fluctuate from Institute to Institute. 
  • A composed test possibly directed to evaluate the competitor's learning. The individuals who qualify in the composed test will be required to show up in a meeting. Certain establishments waiver passageway test if the applicant has qualified in NET, SET or proportionate national-level assessment.

Job Types

  • Logic and Mathematical Informaticist
  • Health Informaticist
  • Social Informaticist
  • Security Informaticist
  • Music Informaticist
  • Robotics Specialist
  • Human-Computer Interaction Designer