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Why Gauhati University - GU?

Gauhati University allow high arrangement to relationship with the universities / schools of the vacation of the world. To facilitate the case, in 2016, Gauhati University floated First global branch of the Alumni Community in London, UK, which is acknowledged as the European branch for the ambition of collegiate change between Gauhati University and different European universities / schools. This action has afterwards continued to Australia, China and some South Asian Universities. As a result, many MoUs have been endorsed between Gauhati University and schools of these countries to analyze the hidden for association in teaching and research as well as initiate candidate change courses between schools. The Gauhati University commission of International Relations harmonize the processes of association between Gauhati University and international institutions.


To achieve a transformational role for the country and its all people, foster a character of inquiry, coherent global human, social and experimental burden from its hard base in the country, set honorable standards in thinking and method and empower the making of answerable citizens and benevolent and conscious human beings.


Academic Greatness to afford quality teaching and a information environment that takes journal of changing candidate needs and assumption, assimilate international developments in all areas into its syllabus, conduct acerbic edge research by the modernization and association across all borders.

Our Core Values

  • Social reach as an institutional ancestry 
  • Preservation and advance of diversification 
  • Employability by the skill development
  • Transformation by the technology
  • Pursuit of greatness 


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