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The villages in Tamsi mandal includes: Andarbandh, Antargaon, Arli, Bandal Nagpur, Belsari Rampur, Bheempoor, Dhanora, Ghotkuri, Girigaon, Gomutri, Gona, Hasnapur, Jamidi, Karanji, Khapperla, Nippani, Pippalkoti, Ponnari, Tamsi, Waddadi, Wadgaon and Wadoor. Tap College is one of the best institutes in Andhra Pradesh. Accordingly keeping this in view the college has its target of achieving the Economic and social advancement of the ladies and improving their status in the network. Developed by the social welfare office, inside the college premises, in office for around young students understudies is accessible. The young ladies originating from outside the city can profit from the office in the wake of getting the structure from the workplace and finishing the essential conventions. Likewise, an inn for young students understudies of in reverse stations is being begun inside the college premises at the soonest. Greatness is the need of great importance. Instruction, as anyone would concur, is an inescapable component in our lives and we can not manage without training. Against the foundation of the man-centric arrangement of society, the ladies need uncommon consideration regarding guarantee their advancement and cooperation in the basic leadership process at home, in the network, and in administration. Water gatekeepers and water cooler offices are accessible to give cool and clean water to the understudies on the premises. The scholarship is accessible to the poor understudies everything being equal. Standing endorsement according to the administration request, salary verification, and other instructive testaments are to be joined alongside the application structure, accessible from the college office. The canteen is being arranged where the understudies can benefit the refreshments at sensible rates. Solid climate, clean refreshments, and so forth will be dealt with at the flask.