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Why Cotton university - CU?

The official token of Cotton University was divulged in the year 1933. The insignia was planned by Late Mohendra Nath Deka Phukan, an ex-Cottonian. This insignia is much the same as a shield meaning the image of security of Assam. The shield involves two hues - orange meaning the feeling of Tyaga wherein lies the feeling of renunciation and green symbolizing harmony. The oval-molded circular segment with eight corners helps us to remember the greatness of Ahom kingdom. The blue shading is utilized to mean the reasonable and huge sky that instructs us to enlarge our hearts grasping all. The slopes in the token help us to remember the Asomiya individuals having a place with the fields and slopes of Assam. The rising sun behind the slopes symbolizes expectation and light. The sun likewise connotes that it is the dispeller of obscurity. The light consuming in the center is utilized to show the light of information. The "Sarai" quickly underneath the light lets us know of the greatness of old Assam. The stars demonstrate the way of advancement past confinement. The University Emblem gives all of us that Assam has had and all things considered it makes us to comprehend that understudies in their institute of matriculation must be invigourated with the important thoughts that can make us extraordinary in the most genuine sense.


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