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Why Uttaranchal College of Liberal Arts - UCLA?

Uttaranchal College of Liberal Arts (UCLA), Uttaranchal University, built up in 2019, is established on the conviction that Liberal Arts Education gives reason, course and incentive to instruction and life and is no less critical to society than logical and mechanical orders. The College targets giving a focal point of regular mindfulness and a feeling of human obligation, making the University in excess of a complex of authority Colleges and divisions. The wide range of Liberal Arts incorporates zones of discovering that develop general scholarly capacity instead of specialized or expert abilities. Likewise, it is focused on the accomplishment of greatness in learning of Liberal Arts, become an asset focal point of acclaim and notoriety in research in the wide field of Liberal Arts and guarantee innovativeness and all-round advancement of understudies. The courses offered in the College mirror these targets and concerns. 

Uttaranchal College of Liberal Arts is arranged in the lavish green grounds of Uttaranchal University spread over numerous sections of land. The College, under the aegis of Uttaranchal University, is furnished with best in class foundation and all the cutting edge comforts to grant an all encompassing figuring out how to the understudies. It approaches the very much loaded Central Library and Computer Center of the University including Language Laboratory.