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Why Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research - IPER?

The IPER, Wardha is managed by the Vidarbha Youth Welfare Society, Amravati. V. Y. W. Society was established within the year 1965, with the target to uplift the agricultural students in educational excellence notably within the field of Science and Technology. The society runs seventy establishments from pre-primary to postgraduate level covering numerous colleges like Arts, Commerce, Science, Social Sciences, Engineering, Dental and Pharmaceutical Sciences. The Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and analysis was established in 1982, a pioneering Pharmacy establishment in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. The Institute provides instruction resulting in sheepskin, Degree, Post Graduate courses and analysis programs in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Around four hundred students from all corners of Bharat area unit finding out within the Institute. a gorgeous field of Institute is sprouled in a locality of five acres. Well equipped laboratories, wealthy library.

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