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Why Sister Nivedita University - SNU?

Sister Nivedita University at New Town, Kolkata has been settled by achievement of The Sister Nivedita University move, 2017 (West Bengal XLIX of 2017). SNU, being different of its own kind is construct on the avenue of Sister Nivedita, adored under the dark of Swami Vivekananda. The university afford educational courses and research in a huge batch of subjects, under development like Humanities, Law, Management, Medicine, Science, Language and Literature, Architecture, Pharmacy, Sports, Social Sciences, Education, Performing Arts, Media, Design, Engineering and Technology, etc. Moreover, some different programs will be imported with the attention on skill evolution, entrepreneurship and women acceptance. 


SNU crave to afford a life-changing impact on the association through its comprehensiveness a continuous modernization in education that comes from hopeful entrepreneurship, creativity, and research.


  • Create a syllabus that is business associated, but also keenly conscious to the demands of the climate to gain a continual growth for businesses and the recession. 
  • Create an educational environment that aims on all division of the association not just on the honored few.


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