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Why Adamas University - AU?

Adamas University, with a drape green campus approaching over 100 acres, bundle in Barasat (13 kms away against the Subash Chandra Bose Global Airport Kolkata), and in its 3rd year of action, crave to communicate finest quality education to the new minds of West Bengal, with an before settled high quality analysis facility and a authoritative team of staff. The University has many global initiatives connive with the firms and educational schools to facilitate projects, research and candidate exchange courses. Currently, in its 4th year, the university has 2500+ current candidates and more than 1000 candidates & faculties. The University has been settled with the vision of contingent upon quality education to candidates to help them become experienced competent as well as lecturer knowledgeable under the 8 institutes of Studies. The Adamas University has been settled by Sachis Kiran Roy Memorial Faith (under the West Bengal move IV of 2014) cross by The West Bengal Chamber and accepted by The Governor. 


To be a highly admired international University by communicate socially admissible education and developing new ability through research and modernization for the benefit of firm and association as a whole and to develop complete individuals, accomplished of being all citizens, through the evolution of the body, mind and soul by communicate total education.

Mission: mission:


  • To make candidates for life-long learning and membership in ability driven world and explore to nurture them in a international academic culture. 
  • To confront building Centers of greatness in research, Education and advisory at international standards.   


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