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Why University of Petroleum and Energy Studies - UPES?

UPES was settled in the year 2003 by the UPES move, 2003 of the State Chamber of Uttarakhand. With an determined vision and antique approach, UPES appear as an contemporary institution afford firm-focused functional bachelor and master level courses, some of which little to high-growth fields like cloud computing, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, aerospace engineering, mechatronics engineering, fine arts, big data analytics, public administration, machine design engineering, computer science, petroleum, concrete and gaming and so on. The university’s exceptional purpose is to facilitate each one gain their original purpose in life, through the accompany light of ability. Each one is allow to pursue PASSIONS and dreams in a responsible and meaningful manner. Each one is animated to foster experienced development through INNOVATION, imagination, specialised ability and demanding-thinking. Each one is allocate to become an active colleague in transforming association, to go above oneself, to INCLUSIVELY and RESPECT constructed in a pluralistic world. Thus, permissive one to choose life-artery that fulfil their avenue purposes fruitfully.


To be an Institution of international standing for creating professionally adequate talent commit to nation building.


  • Create firm-focused experienced with an global outlook.
  • Foster active outcome-based education system to constantly advance teaching-learning and research.
  • Inculcate centralizing thought process among candidates to diffuse lifelong learning.

UPES Core Values

  • Passion
  • Inclusivity
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Innovation


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