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Why Acropolis Technical Campus - ATC?

Transnational Knowledge society 'SAMITI 'was framed in December 2008 to give quality and social training in the field of Technical Education, Business Management, Industrial Education and Skill Development Program. At Acropolis Technical Campus, the Engineering area subsumes Computer Science, Mechanical, Civil and Electronics and Communication Engineering divisions. Other than a similar Acropolis Technical Campus additionally runs its Engineering Diploma course in Mechanical and Civil Engineering stream as well. We, the each foundation, network individuals from educators and specialists to other staff individuals and understudies at Acropolis, seek to build up an arrangement of value confirmation, which would consistently assess and screen the nature of instruction and preparing bestowed at the organization, improve the educating and learning procedure and at last build up the establishment as a focal point of greatness. We will, subsequently, be adding to the development of value specialized instruction by maintaining the most noteworthy moral and expert gauges. 

Point and Objective 

Acropolis puts stock in giving something exceptional and flawless to the general public. We generally endeavor to accomplish something creative with our diverse educating systems. To transform a hopeful understudy into a genuinely sure expert and a profoundly dependable resident is our prime goal. 

The Institute plans to instill following characteristics in expert architects:

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