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Why Darul Huda Islamic University - DHIU?

DHIU was settled as an Islamic Academy in 1986 and correctly boost to a academy in May 2009. The attitude backed by DHIU was the unique amount of dull discourses and conference among great dreamer scholars and abetting association members who were acutely anxious about the amphibian view towards education as clerical and civil. 


To create an Islamic educational infrastructure in order to make clerical scientists (‘Ulama) who achieve, practice and inseminate Islam, being alarm of their eventual authority towards Almighty Allah and against their own slaves, family, schools, association and many more. 


DHIU focus to be the bastion of ability in Islamic education that they can reclaim the aggressive role and educational dominance of past Muslim association in all academician courses and that seeks to renew the character of expertise in Islamic sciences in the era of ever-changeable association due to the contemporary growth of new sciences.

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