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Why Saini Bar College - SBC?

Saini Bar College is one of the best organizations in Punjab. The administration of our staff in instructing, research, and open administration makes it a college of magnificence in educating. It's a fine library containing books, reference books and diaries and so on. The instructional exercise program is in this way coordinated the researchers could likewise be dazzled to develop with a hearty feeling of social and national obligation. The establishment is focused on making every push to pass on its understudies and laborers the easiest feasible shot for instructional exercise capability and development. The endeavors square measure to rouse the researchers with a hearty feeling of social and national duty. The authority of our workforce in instructing, research, and open administration make it a college of brilliance in educating. Against the establishment of the man driven the course of action of society, the women need extraordinary thought with respect to ensure their headway and participation in the fundamental initiative procedure at home, in the system, and in the organization. Likewise keeping this in view the college has its objective of accomplishing Economic and social progression of the women and improving their status in the system. 

Offices Provided 

  • Co-curricular activities, Festival, and Seminars and outstation visits. 
  • Tie-ups with various media houses for rational training and passage level position. 
  • All around set candidates in media and abroad. 
  • PG office can be given.
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