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Why Gauhati University Institute of Science and Technology - GUIST?

The Gauhati University Institute of Science and Technology (GUIST) was found out at the university field in 2009 to boost quality and innovation in Technology and subject education. The Programmes being offered by the Institute at first were the four-year Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) Programmes, the biennial M.S. and M.Tech. Programmes, and Ph.D. programs in several disciplines.

Mandated to administer the common courses of "innovative programmes" being offered by the University, GUIST has been implementing World Bank supported MHRD project TEQIP-III since 2017, once thriving completion of another AICTE project NEQIP. This AICTE approved establishment is acting because the administrative body to coordinate/talk terms among varied stake-holders, together with the four educational Departments beneath the college of Technology, Gauhati University, the main points of that, together with best practices still as placement records / institutional collaborations, could also be found in several Department's home pages mentioned below:

  • Department of Applied Sciences 
  • Department of technology and Technology 
  • Department of natural philosophy Communication and Engineering 
  • Department of Knowledge Technology