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Why OPJS University - OU?

OPJS measure Om Parkash Jogender Singh University. OPJS University is settled under the move 16 of 2013 made and declared on 2-08-2013 by falter Governor of Rajasthan State.  This University is increase over 32 Acres of land ringed by Aravali Hills in corruption free, dense green and eco friendly environment. We have taken absolute care not to agitate the eco-friendly balance of the field due to assembling of buildings and other frameworks. 

Our Vision

Vision of the OPJS University is to commit to nation and association through the hunt of education, research and leaning at the highest global levels of greatness and to stand on the same scaffolding with other universities of greatness. 

Core Values

The University’s core values are as follow:

  • Freedom of expression and thought
  • Freedom from bigotry 
  • Freedom from cerebral bankruptcy 

Our Mission

As part of our Learning approach, OPJS University confirm a list of characteristics and qualities to be construct in the OPJS Graduate. These intention for the best educational background we could afford to our candidates involves the attributes of being and effective citizen who compliments diversification and an educated person who is ‘philosophically buoyant and capable to work in multinational settings’.


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