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  • Duration: 6 Months
  • Eligibility: 10th or above
  • Mode: Year
  • Type: Diploma

Diploma in Automation is a diploma level course with duration of 6 months. The utilization of trendsetting innovation to computerize a huge number of excess assignments utilizing man-made consciousness is known as apply autonomy. The assignments could be controlling information, preparing exchanges, and activating reactions in computerized frameworks to empower them to deal with undertakings that are excessively colossal and tedious when done physically. Assembling area utilizes apply autonomy at an enormous scale now. The worldwide market of this fragment is developing at a quick pace and is required to contact USD 1.2 billion by 2021; its compound yearly development being at 36 percent. 

Top occupation regions: 

  • Assembling and substantial assembling portion. 

Top occupation positions: 

  • Car apply autonomy engineer, field mechanical technology engineer, mechanization engineer, paint apply autonomy engineer, penetrating apply autonomy engineer, and so on.

Who Should Attend?: 

  • 10+2 (PCM) OR 
  • 10 in addition to (2-year or 3-year) Diploma in Automobile Engg./Mechanical Engg./Production Engg./Computer Science/Information Technology/Power Engg./Electronics/Instrumentation/Plastic Technology/Electrical/Electrical and Electronics/Electronics and Comn./Textile Technology/Civil/Chemical Engg./Mechatronics OR 
  • 10+ ITI (least multi year) Technician/Mechanical/Maintenance/Machinist/Repair/Mechanical/Electrical/Electronics/Turner/Tool and Die Making/Sheet Metal/Refrigeration and Air Conditioning/Pump Operator/Networking, with 2 subjects (1 Language and 1 Academic) go from any perceived Board of Education.
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