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Why College of Agriculture - CA?

The College of Agriculture (CA), Jorhat had its beginning in the past Assam Agricultural College. The establishment of the school was laid at Borbheta, 5 km towards south of Jorhat town on August 16, 1948 by the then Governor of Assam, Late Akbar Hyderi to grant instruction in agribusiness and partnered parts of learning. The College began its scholarly program in a surrendered military camp. Late Rev. B. M. Pugh was selected as the main Principal of the school. Thirty understudies were taken on the main bunch for a four-year degree program prompting B.Sc. (Agri) degree. Dr. M. C. Das took over as the Principal in 1949 and served the organization for long 17 years until 1966. It was during this period that the organization picked up energy to turn into an undeniable Agricultural College. The advancement of frameworks in the school began during the second Five-year plan period with development of understudies' lodgings and private structures for staff individuals, which was finished in 1954. During the initial five years of its reality, the College was subsidiary to the Gauhati University (GU). With the foundation of Dibrugarh University (DU), the association was moved to it, till the foundation of the Assam Agricultural University (AAU) in 1969. 

Recorded foundation 

Exertion for organization of the farming instruction in the state was made as right on time as in 1935 with the foundation of a professional horticulture preparing focus at Jorhat which was named as Basic Agricultural School. At the same time there was additionally a move for foundation of an Agricultural College in the state and late L.K. Handique, at that point Director of Agriculture, Assam stepped up to the plate for the equivalent. He moved toward a portion of the tea organizations of the district for money related help, however at that point the Second World War broke out and broke every single such attempt. 

There was a true and incredible exertion for all round advancement in the state after fulfillment of autonomy by the nation. Horticultural segment was a conspicuous one standing out of the administration just as open. Accordingly, a couple of noticeable residents of Jorhat town thought of building up a rural school in the state and even considered the possibility of foundation of such a school on private endeavor in the light of Allahabad Agricultural Institute. Be that as it may, the Government of Assam chose to build up a farming school as an administration school with association to Gauhati University; and Jorhat was collectively chosen as the reasonable site thinking about the current foundation in the zone. The Sugarcane Experimental Station that had been set up by the Assam State Department of Agriculture (ASDA) in 1906 at Borbheta, Jorhat filled in as the core of these frameworks. 

Foundation of this Assam Agricultural College (AAC) in 1948 could be considered as the inception of the way toward bring forth of Assam Agricultural University, in light of the fact that the AAC had manufactured the establishment for foundation of the University, notwithstanding the essential pretended by the understudies of the school during 1966-67 to assemble a solid popular feeling for AAU.

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