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Why Dera Natung Government College - DNGC?

Dera Natung Govt. School, Itanagar, the second establishment of Higher Education in Arunachal Pradesh, at first housed in Government Higher Secondary school building, started its instructive interests at night move with four offices English, Hindi, Economics and History with a bunch of understudies. Inside a limited capacity to focus time, the school gained awesome and amazing ground. It moved to possess gigantic structure complex in its changeless site in 1986. Found Centrally in the Vivek Vihar segment of the State Capital Complex with a lovely common habitat, encompassed on three sides by the waterway Ganga and on the fourth side by a hillock, it has a region in excess of 40 sections of land of land. Since its origin it has been bestowing instruction in both Day and Night move still 1990 when the night move was at last canceled.

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