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Why Mysore University - MU?

The University of Mysore was settled on 27-07-1916. It is the 6th earliest in the nation and the 1st in the case of Karnataka. Also, in a sense it is the 1st university of the nation to be settled foreign the ceiling of the British India. The university was established as a conclusion of the achievement of the benign and ambitious Maharaja of once Princely Case of Mysore His height Shri Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar–IV (1884-1940), and the then Diwan Sir M. Visvesvaraya. It was the 1st Academy to be authorized through NAAC in 2000 with 5 Star Status. The academy is now rated 36th in the India hierarchy 2017, NIRF-MHRD, Authority of India.


To crave to become a world-class Academy by knock human assets from all branches of association by offering them conveniences to learn across control.


Construct on a big legacy rooted from our authorizing fathers, our aim is to develop an climate of stimulating cerebral communication across control and harvest ability with a corner-edge by high quality coaching, analysis, and development activities dominant to the bearing of candidates who would afford membership, eyesight and direction to association. 


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