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Why J.E.C.R.C University - JU?


JECRC University has been settled vide The JECRC University, Jaipur move, 2012 (Move No.15 of 2012) advertised in the periodical of Rajasthan Dated 2-5-2012. The University initiated its activity and admitted candidates in various programs w.e.f. the Academic Session 2012-13.


To become a acclaimed centre of higher culture, and work against academic, expert, cultural and social enhancement of the lives of human being

and communities.


  • To aim on research and character of modernization that will drive academic direction and hunt at JECRC University.
  • To classify, based on informed attention of Indian, global and regional needs, fields of aim and specialization on which the University can establish.
  • To Undertake collective projects that offer conveniences for long-term communication between academia and firm. 
  • To create human potential to its adequate extent so that judiciously capable and fanciful gifted members can arrive in a range of professions.

The Spirit of JU

  • Build for yourself a activity...
  • on the power of ability
  • and the courage of Traditional Wisdom
  • Be a Leader
  • pushing the borderline of Science
  • discharge the Countless Possibilities
  • Embark on an enduring evolution Journey
  • with an boisterous Will to Win
  • with new Innovation and Ideas
  • a International Outlook


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