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Why Central University of Orissa - CUO?

Under the Central Universities Act, 2009 Central University of Orissa has been established by the Parliament. To increase the access to quality higher education by people in less educationally developed districts it is one of the 15 new Central Universities established by the Government of India. Koraput District of Orissa is still considered as an extremely as underdeveloped region of the State of Orissa which comes within the KBK region (Koraput, Bolangir and Kalahandi). To quality higher education in the country Central University was established here.


With a world-ethos-driven higher education agenda to develop the Central University of Orissa as an avant-grade premier University of the new millennium.

To addressing society's educational, economic, and cultural challenges develop an University which strike a balance between teaching and scholarship and commitment.

To foster, nurture and inculcate a research culture develop the University with research as its flagship identity.


  • We may fortify the backbone of the nation, for this provide quality education.
  • To reach the unreached disseminate 'inclusive education.
  • Create a niche of its own.


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