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Why Nehru Gram Bharati - NGB?

Nehru Gram Bharati (Assume to be University), Jamunipur, Dubawal, Allahabad, Kotwa, accept in the altercation of Nehruji that "A University attitude for tolerance, reason, humanism, the experience of ideas & for the examination of right.  The Institute is settled for public asset and appropriately the ambition of the School as set 4th above will be explained and barred to mean such ambition and purposes as are noticed in law to be a public accommodating in nature..

Nehru Gram Bharati Achieve the following:

  • To afford education to the commonalty staying in distant areas. 
  • To afford functional job presented programs to all people living in center and small towns & cities of the nation. 
  • To accommodate and upgrade candidates from agricultural areas with civilians area through providing world-class educational address in upcoming fields near cities. 
  • To stop action of candidates population from agricultural field to urban areas. 
  • Special attention on job presented programs. 


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