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Why Budge Budge Institute of Technology - BBIT?

Budge Budge Institute of Technology (BBIT) may be a technical institute whose main objective is to provide result minded and virtuoso professionals to satisfy the ever-growing demands of industries. The success story of an establishment weaves around its pillars, that supports and facilitates the expansion of people. These pillars ar students, parents, academics and administration. The Institute seeks to line up a validating atmosphere the essence of that is “care. ”

We look after all WHO enters the portal of our establishment for we all know the facility of a delicate bit, a friendly smile, a sort word, a listening ear, ANd an honest compliment – all of that embody parental care. With nurturing philosophy, it views all of you as distinctive and ar committed to grooming you into a powerful individual, a worldwide national together with your feet firmly frozen in values and traditions that embody a real BBITians. in a very larger context the BBIT intends to produce quality education on that the country will rely. The syllabus is up so far to effectively fulfill the technological demand of Asian nation. it's tuned to the wants of analysis institutes and industries, in order that the advantages of your education will realize application in up the people’s quality of life.

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