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Why Martin Luther Christian University - MLCU?

The colonize Christian university in Meghalaya, MLCU devoted itself to overthrow service to the association and to afford its candidates with a high-quality education that will facilitate them to graduate as well-circled  experts to deliver with purpose, efficiency and integrity anywhere in the world. As international citizens these candidates will afford the leadership for next day. MLCU is convey by the Medical Board and National Lutheran Health, a certified trust settled in 1986 and committed in Education, Health Care,  Disaster Management and Community Outreach. With job-presented academic programs, MLCU is maked to meet the requirements and challenges of the current workplace. MLCU accentuate Skills and Experiential Learning and afford hands-on evolution projects for its candidates.


The Vision of the University has cover the guarantee and mandate of the Founders of the University which have been documented accurately in the Minutes of the first confrontation of the Board of Governors.


To commit to the capable development of Meghalaya and Northeast India, by affording ability, values and skills that will facilitate our candidates to become international citizens, while confirm sex, religious and ethnic equity for all, maintain its bio-cultural ancestry and by accepted its Christian legacy and guarantee.


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