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Why Vinayaka Mission’s Research Foundation - VMRF?

Vinayaka aim had its initiation in the year 1981 with the formation of the TKVTSS Medical academic and accommodating faith. Not far from then, in 1982, the architect-Chairman, Dr. A Shanmugasundaram appoint the Vinayaka aims dorm of Pharmacy in Salem, the begin school of Vinayaka aim. In the year 2001 the "Assume to be University" status was advise on Vinayaka focus through The exhortation of Human Assets Development, Authority of India, with the charge of the University Grant Commission bottom branch 3 of the University Grant Commission Act, 1956 as an acceptance of its greatness. 


To gain greatness in education and make culture as a tool for communal change for the advancement of the association. 


To increase education internationally in the areas of Dental, Paramedical, Homeopathy, Engineering, Management, Medicine, and Basic Sciences.


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