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Why Shri Krishna University - SKU?

Shri Krishna University is an association which is rightly treated one of the considerable donation of the community of Madhya Pradesh cultural ancestry. Its main exercise in the areas of scientific research and higher education are enterprise of public interest, and they are bring out in conformity with the legal arrangement. Shri Krishna University is adapted to enhance and maintain its position as the dominant institution of above education in the field by adapting to the objection of modern times on one hand, and conserve what's worth in its attitude on the other. This is accurately what makes it accepted as a true national quality. Shri Krishna University is environmentally approved and works earnestly for continuous development. With new ability and new attitude, we contributes to a exceptional future.
Our Vision 
  • Becoming a dynamic ability Centre and a Centre of greatness in research, teaching and extension activities.
  • Bringing about control, formation dissemination and advancement of knowledge.
  • Developing technologically gained thought and action members in a huge range of spheres by affording value-based and high quality education.
  • Generating harsh edge innovations and research and permissive empowerment through regional and social inclusion.   
Our Mission 
  • Strengthening the collegiate advancement with the international competitiveness.
  • Be the most favored choice of candidates, faculty and firm.
  • Have an honest approach and attitude, and activities describe by equal opportunities
  • Bringing about creation, conservation, dissemination and advancement of knowledge.
  • Communicate need based updated syllabus. 


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