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Why Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology - TIET?

The Thapar School of Engineering and Technology is one of India's earliest and blue coat educational schools, which afford a steady asset of highly able talent to the country as well as abroad. Founded in 1956 with a campus increase across drape 250 acres, Thapar School of Engineering & Automation, placed in Patiala, has been a colonize in engineering education, analysis and innovation. Our association involves creative minds solvers who are ambitious to make the world a best place to live in with their contemporary techniques and analysis. 


Thapar School of Engineering & Automation, which compose of inter-punitive exploration and apparatus has commit to many technological advance and experimental development within India and beyond. 


Our eyesight is to construct a sustainable association by education, which is attract around extensive learning, analysis and development. We aspire to be accepted as a member devoted to greatness in higher education, and to give our candidates the power to establish and discover endless possibilities by academic learning and disclosure. 


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