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Why P.K. University - PU?

P.K. University has been settled care in view the preceding are growing insistence on international competitiveness, the need to overpass the gap between practice and theory and the developing demand for highly able personnel in the borderland fields of low, insurance, healthcare, medicine, architecture, management, technology and engineering, Computing and Information Technology, Communication and media, films and television, bio-sciences, fashion, tourism and hospitality and other areas of education, the Sonal Educational association proposes to authorize as University in Shivpuri (M.P) designate P.K. University enveloping all the major development the bulk of the programs will be practice oriented, innovative, flexible, assure and modular that the candidates acquire the crucial skills and ability for successful careers. The University will authorize a close communication with the beneficial sector, develop the mental perspective of its candidate and afford a challenging place through stay, study and learn. This will appropriate the developing needs of the candidates of not only Madhya Pradesh but also India and elsewhere too. 

Our Vision

To develop a learning climate, where candidates can stay culturally disciplined, conscious, culpable and happy while convert into encouraging members who can commit for the development of the association. 

Our Mission

  • To analyze candidates with entrepreneur & professional transforming and aspirations them into excellent members.
  • To give candidates new vision, thoughts, and ambitions and gain them for obtain new challenges & conclusion solution to complicated experts problems.
  • To create Bundelkhand convoluted into an academic hub.


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