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Why Oriental University - OU?

Oriental University is increase over 77 acres of dense green drape campus on Indore-Ujjain freeway near the international airport and new planned railway station. The University is structured by the most distinguished constructor of modern India, M/S Hafeez constructors of Mumbai. Presently, the University’s charming framework houses comfortable classrooms with the well-equipped laboratories, new teaching aids, and workshops. It combines contemporary pioneering and teaching research in a highly collective environment that outstrip traditional academic borderline. It afford candidate and faculty extraordinary opportunities for professional, intellectual and personal growth. The research enterprise will not be circumscribed to engineering and applied & pure sciences, rather it’ll envelope social sciences such as history, Philology, Geography, and literature. The syllabus adopted is firm-specific and OU plays a basic role in traverse the long gap between the acutely demanding collective and an obsolete syllabus running in many universities. You can court more About Oriental University stay Us! and see the contrast.

Our Vision

To afford a independently – Indian environment of educational greatness while assert the academically increased individual and expedite the academically challenged personal.

Our Mission

  • To advertise the value of learning, self expansion among candidates and staff, quality achievement among candidates and staff, and conversion for candidates to responsible and productive participation in association. 
  • To advertise a stimulating and safe environment for curious and bright candidates to collaborate with and learn from each other.
  • To captivate candidates with educational contribution that afford fun learning opportunities.


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