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Why Indian School of Mines - ISM?

The Indian School of Mines was correctly opened on 9-12-1926, by Lord Irwin, the then governor of India to house the need for coached manpower connected to mining action in the nation with development of Mining and Connected Geology. In 1967 it was acknowledged the status of a assume to be university bottom branch 3 of University Grant Commission move, 1956. Since its formation, IIT(ISM) has encountered considerable development of its activities, and currently it can be studied as a total automation education School. 


To be a communally and globally acclaimed premier School of higher technical and experimental education with social guarantee having an ethos for academician greatness, where leadership is nurtured, where new ideas, analysis and education flourish, where academician confidence is the norm and from which will appear the members and creator of tomorrow in the dimension of technology.


To cultivate and train workers in different disciplines of construction and technology, management, connected sciences and connected arts at the bachelor, master and analysis levels.


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