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Why Central Institute of Buddhist Studies - CIBS?

A beneficiary of Padma Bhushan in 1988, the late Bakula Rinpoche who was the architect of CIBS remnant the most outstanding Buddhist leader of autonomous India. However, it was his addition to the recovery of Buddhism in Mongolia as an Indian envoy following the bankruptcy of the Soviet Union that absolutely stands out.

Mission and Objectives

The aim of the Central School of Buddhist Studies lies in establish the personality of the candidates by disseminate in them the values of Buddhist attitude, literature and arts. The considerable focus and purposes of this school are: 

  • In-depth study of Buddhist doctrine and Buddhist philosophy along with its past, culture and art.
  • The study of canonical biography along with ancient classic languages like Pali and Bhoti, Sanskrit, and also modern accent like Hindi and English.
  • The study of contemporary subjects such as Indian past, Bauddha Puranic past, comparative attitude, political science, economics, mathematics and accustomed science.
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